Ascot Diet Clinic

How does the Ascot Diet Program work?

We use homeopathic injections to speed up your metabolism and thereby breaking down your own body fat to use as energy. This is combined with different homeopathic medicine, like an appetite suppressant, diuretic and different metabolism boosters. We change our medicine throughout the diet as well as changing different meal plans to obtain optimum metabolism and optimum safe weight loss. This means that we work closely with you throughout the weight loss program. All our meal plans are worked out to the correct amount of kilojoules for safe weight loss and a balanced meal

Ascot Diet Clinic has revolutionized the weight loss industry with hands on approach to weight loss. It’s not only about a diet but it’s a lifestyle change that is completely manageable through the Ascot diet plan.

A diet plan that includes injections to speed up metabolism, appetite suppressants and a well-balanced nutritional eating plan is the cornerstone of the Ascot Diet plan.
A one on one weekly appointment with our Ascot Diet Clinic team not only helps with maintaining your diet but also allows for weekly weigh-ins and gives you the necessary support as you undergo this life altering change.

The Ascot Diet plan is so innovative that little to no exercise is needed but participation in an activity is always encouraged.

The Ascot Diet Clinic has devised a plan and formula that fits perfectly into your life whether you are a workaholic, a student or just somebody who is tired of being overweight,
We also have clients in Australia, England, Dubai and Zimbabwe.